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1. There is a maximum of 10 drawings, A3 format. Do these also include those with bio/portfolio/photos or are the latter additional to the PDF dedicated to the project?
—A: One PDF per project submitted. Each PDF file must have a maximum of 10 pages max. In addition to the project itself, the 10 pages of the pdf shall include the short bio, any portfolio (optional) and the photo.

2. Does the maximum limit of 1000 characters refer to the texts as a whole (text in Italian + text in English max 1000 characters) or to individual texts (max 1000 characters in Italian and max 1000 characters in English)?
—A: The maximum limit of characters refers to each language:
- bio (max 1000 characters in Italian + max 1000 characters in English);
- project description (max 1000 characters in Italian + max 1000 characters in English).
The uploaded project description must respect the maximum limit of 1000 characters in the project’s original language (Italian or English).

3. What is the maximum size of the PDF?
—A: The size of each PDF to upload must not exceed 8 Mb.

4. Is it possible to modify or replace the PDFs uploaded?
—A: It is not possible to modify the uploaded PDFs once the fee has been paid.



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