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Sophie Rubin (WePlayDesign)_CHE
Filmar en América Latina
For its ability to build an archaic yet futuristic language, as composite as essential, as powerful as simple, the AWDA 2023 award goes to FILMAR, the festival dedicated to Latin American cinema and cultures. The small hands drawn by the Mayan glyphs become huge hands that cross the spheres of time and come to describe movements related to the cinematographic practice, conquering the entire space of posters and graphic artifacts speaking a universal language that is that of signs.


Aoi Huber Kono
Linked to the great tradition of Japanese aesthetics, in the footsteps of her father Takashi Kōno, and to the Swiss and Italian graphics of Max Huber, her husband, and Bruno Munari, she found a personal approach to graphics, product design (including fabrics, carpets, ceramics, toys), and art, characterised by a continuous and original research on the themes of the surface, the sign structuring, the texture. In 1994 with a poetic figure of speech, Munari spoke of a particular “sensor” hidden in Aoi’s hair that makes her able to "see and understand the structures that are in natural forms". The spontaneity of Aoi’s signs offers us the charm of complexity, the depth of the surface with obstinate candour.


Michela Papadia
A great designer active in Rome since the Sixties, but also a tenacious teacher of graphics at the Instituto Statale d’Arte, a sort of design ambassador on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with missions in Latin America and China and finally Knight of the Italian Order of the Star of Solidarity for her tireless work of support and nurturing of the guest children of the Fundación Clara Moreno y Miramón and the Fundación José Maria Alvarez in Mexico. Her professional years have been shared with the partner and friend Gemma Fiorentini and have been characterised by rigorous and rational work for commercial clients, as well as the world of publishing (Officina Edizioni), contemporary music and art, and for the graphics and communication of the film industry (Gaumont).


Roshanak Keyghobadi (State University of New York)_IRN/USA
Iranian Women in Graphic Design
The award is attributed to a research project on Iranian Women designers that goes beyond the construction of a rich repertoire of excellence that have defined the great tradition of the design discipline in Iran. It questions the issues of gender, social, and professional inequality, while telling the systems used by the designers to disseminate, train, and practice their profession also through self-production, networking, and activism.

Special Mention

Valeria Luisa Bucchetti, Francesca Casnati, Michela Rossi (Politecnico di Milano)_ITA
Manifesto for a gender-sensitive communication
The Special Mention is awarded to the Manifesto for gender-sensitive communication, from the perspective of communication design, for the complexity and breadth of the project. It develops from the restricted form of the Manifesto, intended as a declaration of intent and principles, to the boundless and dimensionless form of the dedicated website which becomes a platform for dissemination and sharing of ideas related to the topic.


Maria Calzolari (HEAR Haute école des arts du Rhin, Strasbourg)_ITA/FRA
Action cleaning
The typographical project, expression of a theoretical research, deals with the theme of the visible and the invisible applied in the specific context of the ideas of “dirt” and “cleanliness”, of the absence of hygiene and its presence, developing a design concept that makes the font glyphs assume variable and uncontrollable configurations, where the gesture becomes ductus hence determining its shape, as well as the intensity of the black color deriving from the use of unusual writing instruments.

Special Mention

Federica Caputo (University of Westminster)_ITA/GBR
The Circle. The study of a shape
The book represents the hybrid construction of an object with unusual dimensions and shapes, manifesto of a research on the Circle that takes its cue from the publication of Munari, just to detach itself from it thanks to the investigation of analog and digital languages that transform the pages in screens and spaces of vision.


Barbara Predan, Špela Šubic (University of Ljubljana)_SVN
How is a vase like a house?
The monographic publication and the exhibition project, both rooted in historical research,  reconstruct the professional history of Janja Lap, a character as excellent as forgotten by the history of Slovenian and international design and architecture. In a virtuous system that holds together knowledge and divulgation, the two project pave a way to fill the gaps of history.

Special Mention

Roshanak Keyghobadi (State University of New York)_IRN/USA
Iranian Women in Graphic Design
The Special Mention is awarded to a research project on Iranian designers developed in collaboration with the People’s Graphic Design Archive.


Giulia De Benedetto (TassinariVetta)_ITA
SISSA – Visual Identity
SISSA’s visual identity project develops from the design, each academic year, of families of alphabets to define their communication. Through the use of the synthetic and basic language of science, reflected in the use of elementary forms and their combinations, the language generate simple visual systems expressing a resolved complexity.

Special Mention

Maria Donata Bologna_ITA
Museo Fabbrica delle Parole
The walls of the museum are pages on which unfolds the history of typographical printing that accompanies the visitors on an immersive and visionary journey between letters, alphabets, words, in a dimensional inversion that turns the details of glyphs and symbols into large and visible elements,  whilst making their color composition clear through the overlap of primary colors.

AWDA 2023 Partners Prizes


Valentina Casali_ITA
Pritzious Schrift font development
Zeynep Yesilmaden
(Bilkent University)_TUR
SUB - Posters & Zine Design Project


Parasto Backman (Studio Parasto Backman)_SWE
Svensk Bokkonst 2021

Award by MOAK

Eda Gündüz (Studio These Days)_TUR
The Good Wild


Carin Marzaro_ITA
Volta Pagina

Award by BIG Biennale internazionale grafica

Giulia Gatta (RUFA - Rome University of Fine Arts)_ITA
Tra il grido ed il silenzio

Selected projects


Paola Abbiati (Iuav University of Venice) _ITA
Claudia Morgagni. Indomita essenza

Martina Costa Bignotti (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano)_ITA

Diletta Damiano (ISIA Roma Design)_ITA
Laboratorio Politico Cartotecnico

Francesca Granzotto (Politecnico di Milano)_ITA
Crumbs* Digital guide to online petition

Aygen Incel (Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University)_TUR
Dumpling post editorial design

Michela Mattei (ISIA Firenze)_ITA
Time to design plurality

Francesca Menici, Eleonora Caporali, Camilla Sallemi (ISIA Roma Design)_ITA
Biancaneve e i 777 nani

Angela Nicente (Università Iuav di Venezia)_ITA
Atlante femminista

Rossana Piras (Università Iuav di Venezia)_ITA

Ludovica Polo (Politecnico di Milano)_ITA
Trasformazioni verbovisive. Parola e immagine fra arti e design: un percorso storico


Letizia Bollini (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano)_ITA
Multimodal directing. Essays 1998-2022

Valeria Bucchetti (Politecnico di Milano)_ITA
Cattive immagini

Valeria Bucchetti, Francesca Casnati, Ingrid Paoletti, Donatella Sciuto (Politecnico di Milano)_ITA
Politecniche. Donne progettiste del cambiamento

Raissa D’Uffizi (Sapienza University of Rome)_ITA
The Mediation of Home Design Objects in Design Magazines

Paola Fortuna (Università Iuav di Venezia)_ITA
The Game. Il ruolo di Emergency

MiHyun Kim (Texas State University)_KOR/USA
Salary Compression, Inversion and Its Impact in Higher Education

Orith Kolodny_ISR/FRA/ITA

Claudia Polizzi (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano)_ITA
Scritto nel paesaggio | Written in the Landscape

Lisa Winstanley (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)_GBR/SGP
Project Echo Toolkit


Afrouz Razavi (Afrouz R.STUDIO)_FRA/IRN
Open doors exhibition

Silvia Amadei_ITA
Bullonato — The Bolted Type

Giulia Bardelli (Studio But Maybe)_ITA
Il Festival del Ciclo Mestruale

Ines Blume, Nicola Ammon (Gardeners)_DEU 
DAM OSTEND / Deutsches Architekturmuseum

Laura Bortoloni (Ida Studio)_ITA
Print no border

Valeria Brancaforte_ITA/ESP
The Dostoevsky Project

Ina Brantenberg (Tank Design)_NOR
Elisabeth Strout Book Series

Donarti Collective (Chiara Palillo/Donarti Collective)_ITA
Donarti. Art x Humanity

Shaghaiegh Fakharzadeh_IRN
Lily & Laleh

Anna Farkas (Anagraphic)_HUN 
Anaptár, Intersection of Art and Science

Kristýna Fišerová_CZE
Hall CTPark, tram stop, info system

Giuditta Valentina Gentile (Frush Creative Studio)_ITA
Case di Quartiere – Bologna

Emi Kawasaki (Shilushi)_JPN
Traces of Zero

Mahsa Khamenaei Bonab_IRN
King Papil and the Mice

Michela Lazzaroni_ITA
The Poet's Journey

Roberta Manzotti (RossodiGrana)_ITA
A: Ancona ri | vista a colori

Sonia Mion (VZNstudio)_ITA
Ceramica Cielo catalogues

Chiara Pasotti, Manuela Pecorari (Maus & Muttley)_ITA
Fotografia Europea

Giulia Peretti, Silvia Recalcati (Paffi)_ITA
ADI Design Index 2022

Claudia Polizzi_ITA
Mart. Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto

Siri Selnæs (Tank Design Trondheim)_NOR
Moria. Inside Europe’s largest refugee camp

Anna Silvestri, Anna Saccani (Officina 3am) & Anna Dalla Via_ITA
Non ho parole

Anna Silvestri, Anna Saccani (Officina 3am) & Anna Dalla Via_ITA
Le parole per dirlo

Suzanne Svendsen, Mari Pünther (Tank Design)_NOR
Redesign of Spesialpedagogikk

Parisa Tashakori_USA/IRN

Laimutė Varkalaitė_LTU
World of Cryptids

Eren Su Kibele Yarman_TUR
Map of Women's Cultural Labour in Diyarbakır



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