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AWDA is an international award. Women designers may submit projects of visual communication design produced between 2019 and today. The projects submitted in compliance with the terms of the call will be selected by an international jury made up of leading figures in the area of design.

Since 2019, AWDA can count on the Institutional Partnership of ICoD, the International Council of Design, which will continue to support and promote the Award on the international scene and that has recognized the great social and ethical value of the prize.

Among the works deemed suitable for publication, the jury will choose the woman graphic designer winner of the AWDA Award 2023 and will award three honorary mentions, one in each category.

Beginning with this edition of the Prize, a new special mention will be introduced, AWDA for RIGHTS!, which will be awarded to the project, among all those selected by the jury, that has best addressed the social issues of women's rights and labor, and more generally of gender inequality and in every sphere.

The Lifetime Achievement Award, which may also be a memorial one, will be awarded by a scientific committee of the award, to a designer, national or international figure, who has distinguished herself for her professional and research path and for having contributed to an authoritative way to reflections on project culture in the field of visual communication design.

Summarizing the awards and mentions given will be:

— AWDA 2023 Award
— AWDA Lifetime Achievement Award 2023
— AWDA for RIGHTS! Award 2023
— AWDA Honorable Mention Professional Category 2023
— AWDA Honorable Mention Students Category 2023
— AWDA Honorable Mention Researchers Category 2023

The official award-giving ceremony will take place in October 2023.

Award Categories



women visual communication designers
Eligible entrants in this category are: owners of design firms; freelancers; women designers employed in design studios, and collectives Freelancers and designers employed in design firms/agencies must submit a self-declaration, stamped and signed by the studio or firm, certifying the intellectual property of the design submitted.



women teachers, PhD candidates, researchers, scholars, theorists
Eligible entrants in this category are: secondary school and university teachers, teachers in private and/or public educational institutions, scholars who have carried out studies, research, workshops, PhD theses or publications on issues related to visual communication.



women students, undergraduate students, graduates
Eligible entrants in this category are: women students who enrolled in public and/or private colleges or universities, graduate schools, who have projects in visual communication design in their teaching curriculum, undergraduate or graduate students (not more than three years ago) who have or are developing projects for Bachelor's or Master's Degree theses in visual communication design.

Special category



This Award is a ‘cameo’ that Aiap wishes to give to those women designers who have stood out in their career either for their professional achievements or for giving a major contribution to the reflection on design culture. It may also be interpreted as an award 'in memory of'. This award will be given by a scientific committee.



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